Location: Paradise Double Ice Complex [View Area Hotels] [View Area Restaurants]
Dates: 2019-04-01 :: 2019-04-07
Host Rink: Paradise Double Ice Complex (B)
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1. Mark RumseyHoly Heart Highlanders377144.6720002
2. Jacob DyerHoly Heart Highlanders358134.3300000
3. Gregory Kehoe Holy Heart Highlanders34593.0010000
4. Regan SeymourGonzaga Vikings34372.3300000
5. Jakob Hann Holy Heart Highlanders31672.3300000
6. Luke AkermanAscension Astros14377.0000000
7. Paul NormanHoly Heart Highlanders32572.3300006
8. Michael CurranGonzaga Vikings33362.0010000
9. Andrew StucklessHoly Spirit Falcons35162.0000004
10. Patrick BeerGonzaga Vikings32462.0000000
11. Nicholas MooreO`Donel Patriots33362.0020000
12. Brandon KnightO`Donel Patriots35162.0010004
13. Tanner Humber-DredgeHoly Heart Highlanders30551.6700004
14. Ben RideoutExploits Valley High Eagles31451.6700000
15. Tyler DoheyAscension Astros14155.0001000
16. Nicholas ButtCorner Brook High Titans32351.6711000
17. Luke HurleyExploits Valley High Eagles34151.6710000
18. Kobe burtExploits Valley High Eagles33251.6710004
19. Austin MartinHoly Trinity Tigers34041.3320000
20. Eric KnightGonzaga Vikings31341.3300000
21. Nathan KellyMount Pearl Senior High Huskies12244.0000000
22. Chase WellonHoly Spirit Falcons32241.3310006
23. Dylan BolandHoly Spirit Falcons20442.0000000
24. Ethan CrosbieAscension Astros11344.0000000
25. Mark RandellCorner Brook High Titans32241.3300002
26. Jordan LynchMount Pearl Senior High Huskies22242.0000000
27. Vj SahajpalO`Donel Patriots32241.3300000
28. Gavin ConnorsHoly Trinity Tigers32241.3300000
29. Alex DoodyQueen Elizabeth Pioneers30331.0000000
30. Sean HickeyGonzaga Vikings22131.5001000
31. AJ JoyceGonzaga Vikings21231.5000002
32. Evan KnightGonzaga Vikings31231.0000000
33. Daniel PenneyGonzaga Vikings30331.0000000
34. Brady MitchelmorePrince of Wales Collegiate Cavaliers31231.00000010
35. Jack O'DeaPrince of Wales Collegiate Cavaliers32131.0010008
36. William WilliamsPrince of Wales Collegiate Cavaliers31231.0010002
37. Matthew KingCarbonear Collegiate Sentinels22131.50100014
38. Cameron HearnSt. Kevin`s Mavericks31231.0000002
39. Kieran BurkeMount Pearl Senior High Huskies23031.5010000
40. Carter Hynes Holy Heart Highlanders31231.0000000
41. Declan BarronHoly Heart Highlanders30331.0000000
42. Braedon CarlsonAscension Astros11233.0000000
43. Colin MurphyExploits Valley High Eagles32131.0010002
44. Nicholas WilliamsMount Pearl Senior High Huskies20331.5000000
45. Murray ByrneGonzaga Vikings32131.0000000
46. Ethan MooreO`Donel Patriots31231.0000004
47. Ryan CollettO`Donel Patriots32131.0000002
48. Andrew PottleHoly Spirit Falcons32131.0000100
49. Jordan WinterHoly Heart Highlanders33031.0000000
50. Brett HudsonHoly Trinity Tigers31231.0010000
51. Ryan SmithQueen Elizabeth Pioneers32131.0010002
52. Andrew PercyHoly Trinity Tigers31120.6700000
53. Noah HartyO`Donel Patriots31120.6710000
54. Jeffrey KingGonzaga Vikings20221.0000000
55. George WalshGonzaga Vikings20221.0000004
56. Thomas O'BrienPrince of Wales Collegiate Cavaliers31120.67100010
57. Ryan St JohnPrince of Wales Collegiate Cavaliers30220.6700004
58. Riley CoadySt. Kevin`s Mavericks32020.6700004
59. Cameron ForwardSt. Kevin`s Mavericks21121.00000015
60. Ryan KellySt. Kevin`s Mavericks32020.6720006
61. Riley Spurrell St. Kevin`s Mavericks30220.6700000
62. Ben Moret-RideoutWaterford Valley Warriors31120.6710000
63. Jacob Noseworthy Waterford Valley Warriors31120.6710002
64. Michael GillMount Pearl Senior High Huskies21121.0000002
65. Keegan HynesHoly Spirit Falcons12022.0020002
66. David HibbsAscension Astros12022.0000000
67. Nicholas DunnHoly Heart Highlanders32020.6700000
68. Ryan Chislett O`Donel Patriots31120.6700000
69. Colin HulanCorner Brook High Titans30220.6700000
70. William KeatingCorner Brook High Titans11122.0001000
71. Qasim DogarExploits Valley High Eagles30220.6700002
72. Jeffrey FewerExploits Valley High Eagles31120.6700004
73. Seth BrowneExploits Valley High Eagles31120.6700000
74. Liam BillardExploits Valley High Eagles31120.6710000
75. Kyle MartellO`Donel Patriots21121.0000002
76. Christopher MartellO`Donel Patriots20221.0000002
77. Philip FlynnO`Donel Patriots30220.6700000
78. Dylan YeeHoly Trinity Tigers30220.6700000
79. Dylan BroomfieldCarbonear Collegiate Sentinels30220.6700000
80. Noah GreenhamQueen Elizabeth Pioneers31120.6700006
81. Keegan StucklessQueen Elizabeth Pioneers30220.6700002
82. Jack ConnorsQueen Elizabeth Pioneers31010.33100010
83. Lucas RocheHoly Trinity Tigers30110.3300000
84. Andrew HowellGonzaga Vikings20110.5000002
85. Alex HuttonGonzaga Vikings31010.3300002
86. Colin McKinnonGonzaga Vikings20110.5000002
87. Garrett MillsGonzaga Vikings20110.5000002
88. Jude PowerGonzaga Vikings31010.3300002
89. Steven AbbottPrince of Wales Collegiate Cavaliers31010.33100015
90. Allen FollettPrince of Wales Collegiate Cavaliers30110.3300000
91. Zachary HawcoPrince of Wales Collegiate Cavaliers31010.3300006
92. Carter StevensPrince of Wales Collegiate Cavaliers30110.33000020
93. Jacob GriffinCarbonear Collegiate Sentinels20110.5000000
94. Blake GrimesCarbonear Collegiate Sentinels21010.50000012
95. Jacob ChafeSt. Kevin`s Mavericks31010.3300004
96. Nicholas DillonSt. Kevin`s Mavericks30110.3300002
97. Ryan HowlettSt. Kevin`s Mavericks30110.3300002
98. Adam MartinSt. Kevin`s Mavericks20110.5000002
99. Evan RaymondSt. Kevin`s Mavericks30110.3300002
100. Jacob BartlettWaterford Valley Warriors21010.5010000
101. Colin BraceWaterford Valley Warriors30110.3300002
102. Jack CrottyWaterford Valley Warriors30110.3300002
103. Ethan KnightWaterford Valley Warriors31010.3300000
104. Devon MurphyWaterford Valley Warriors30110.33000012
105. Braeden BeerMount Pearl Senior High Huskies20110.5000000
106. Benjamin DrukenMount Pearl Senior High Huskies21010.5000002
107. Alexander FrenchMount Pearl Senior High Huskies20110.5000002
108. Evan BennettGander Collegiate Concordes21010.5000002
109. Jacob JenkinsGander Collegiate Concordes21010.5000000
110. Evan PyeGander Collegiate Concordes20110.5000002
111. Luke SceviourGander Collegiate Concordes20110.5000000
112. Alexander StaresGander Collegiate Concordes20110.5000000
113. Lucas RussellAscension Astros00110.0000004
114. Matthew LaneAscension Astros11011.0000000
115. Alex FraneyAscension Astros10111.0000000
116. J.S. CookHoly Heart Highlanders30110.3300002
117. Nathan BarnesHoly Spirit Falcons30110.3300000
118. Noah ChurchillHoly Spirit Falcons30110.3300000
119. Blake ClearyHoly Spirit Falcons30110.3300000
120. Nolan ClearyHoly Spirit Falcons30110.3300000
121. Joshua HopkinsHoly Spirit Falcons30110.3300000
122. Ryan ApplinCorner Brook High Titans30110.3300002
123. Brett EasonCorner Brook High Titans30110.3300006
124. Brady GengeCorner Brook High Titans31010.3300006
125. Cole HurleyExploits Valley High Eagles30110.3300008
126. Nicholas DonovanAscension Astros10111.0000000
127. Colby DroverAscension Astros10111.0000000
128. Connor SwainO`Donel Patriots10111.0000000
129. Jared Milley O`Donel Patriots10111.0000000
130. Jacob BakerO`Donel Patriots11011.0000000
131. Matthew SooleyExploits Valley High Eagles30110.3300000
132. Aaron StaceyExploits Valley High Eagles30110.3300000
133. Michael WhiteCorner Brook High Titans31010.3300000
134. Ethan SmithExploits Valley High Eagles30110.3300000
135. Darrell PentonExploits Valley High Eagles31010.3300006
136. Dustin LaneExploits Valley High Eagles31010.3300002
137. Matthew DicksExploits Valley High Eagles31010.3300000
138. Parker WhiteHoly Spirit Falcons10111.00000012
139. Noah RoweHoly Heart Highlanders31010.3300000
140. Caleb RobertsHoly Heart Highlanders30110.3300000
141. Will TempletonHoly Heart Highlanders30110.3300000
142. Landon YoungHoly Heart Highlanders31010.3300000
143. Logan Bishop-WadeHoly Trinity Tigers21010.5000000
144. Devon BarrettCarbonear Collegiate Sentinels31010.3300004
145. Bradley ByrneCarbonear Collegiate Sentinels30110.3300002
146. Hunter SaundersCarbonear Collegiate Sentinels30110.3300004
147. Mason JeffordQueen Elizabeth Pioneers30000.0000000
148. Dylan DaweQueen Elizabeth Pioneers30000.0000000
149. Christopher BrownQueen Elizabeth Pioneers30000.0000004
150. Eric WheatonHoly Trinity Tigers30000.0000000
151. Catherine SummersHoly Trinity Tigers10000.0000000
152. Eric SeniorHoly Trinity Tigers10000.0000000
153. Andrew PearceyHoly Trinity Tigers30000.0000006
154. Joshua MurrayHoly Trinity Tigers30000.0000000
155. Camron MullinsHoly Trinity Tigers20000.0000000
156. Ryan MitchelmoreHoly Trinity Tigers30000.0000000
157. Stephen KissHoly Trinity Tigers30000.0000000
158. Matthew KingHoly Trinity Tigers10000.0000000
159. Xander HounsellO`Donel Patriots30000.0000002
160. Andrew CurtisGonzaga Vikings20000.0000000
161. Ben JamesGonzaga Vikings10000.0000000
162. Ryan KellyGonzaga Vikings20000.0000006
163. Michael LundriganGonzaga Vikings10000.0000000
164. Josh NeilGonzaga Vikings20000.0000000
165. James NoftallGonzaga Vikings20000.0000002
166. Matthew RenoufGonzaga Vikings20000.0000000
167. Ian ShearsGonzaga Vikings20000.0000002
168. Conor ShortallGonzaga Vikings20000.0000000
169. Andrew d'EntremontPrince of Wales Collegiate Cavaliers30000.0000000
170. William DykePrince of Wales Collegiate Cavaliers30000.0000000
171. Ian GerowPrince of Wales Collegiate Cavaliers30000.0000004
172. Luke GossePrince of Wales Collegiate Cavaliers30000.0000000
173. Lucas HeathPrince of Wales Collegiate Cavaliers30000.0000000
174. Carson HilliardPrince of Wales Collegiate Cavaliers30000.00000010
175. Noah LockePrince of Wales Collegiate Cavaliers30000.0000000
176. Nathan OldfordPrince of Wales Collegiate Cavaliers30000.00000012
177. Justin OsmondPrince of Wales Collegiate Cavaliers30000.0000000
178. Tyler PeddlePrince of Wales Collegiate Cavaliers30000.0000000
179. Ben PenneyPrince of Wales Collegiate Cavaliers30000.0000000
180. Blake RyanPrince of Wales Collegiate Cavaliers30000.0000000
181. Tyler SheppardPrince of Wales Collegiate Cavaliers30000.0000000
182. Bradley ThistlePrince of Wales Collegiate Cavaliers30000.0000000
183. Benjamin WilliamsPrince of Wales Collegiate Cavaliers30000.0000000
184. Sebastian LeshaneCarbonear Collegiate Sentinels10000.0000000
185. Josh MullinsCarbonear Collegiate Sentinels20000.0000000
186. Andrew TaylorCarbonear Collegiate Sentinels20000.0000000
187. Garrett WhiteCarbonear Collegiate Sentinels10000.0000000
188. Dylan WicklandCarbonear Collegiate Sentinels20000.00000012
189. Liam BrodersO`Donel Patriots20000.0000000
190. James FrizzellO`Donel Patriots20000.0000002
191. Lucas ChaulkSt. Kevin`s Mavericks30000.0000000
192. Keith DinnSt. Kevin`s Mavericks10000.0000000
193. Brayden HalwegSt. Kevin`s Mavericks20000.0000000
194. William LynchSt. Kevin`s Mavericks30000.0000000
195. Ryan MaherSt. Kevin`s Mavericks30000.0000000
196. Devin SkanesSt. Kevin`s Mavericks30000.0000000
197. David BrodersWaterford Valley Warriors20000.0000000
198. Patrick BurkeWaterford Valley Warriors20000.0000000
199. Aaron CakeWaterford Valley Warriors20000.0000000
200. Brendan CallahanWaterford Valley Warriors30000.0000002
201. Kirk DayWaterford Valley Warriors30000.0000000
202. Caleb DrukenWaterford Valley Warriors20000.0000000
203. Kyle DunnWaterford Valley Warriors30000.0000000
204. Mitchell GladneyWaterford Valley Warriors30000.0000000
205. Mason GuestWaterford Valley Warriors30000.0000002
206. Seamus O'BrienWaterford Valley Warriors20000.0000000
207. James PredhamWaterford Valley Warriors30000.0000006
208. Cameron RingWaterford Valley Warriors30000.0000000
209. Cody StanfordWaterford Valley Warriors30000.0000000
210. William TaylorWaterford Valley Warriors30000.0000000
211. Connor TraceyWaterford Valley Warriors30000.0000000
212. Tyrus FaganQueen Elizabeth Pioneers20000.0000000
213. Aaron NeilQueen Elizabeth Pioneers20000.0000000
214. Brady PowerQueen Elizabeth Pioneers20000.0000000
215. Brady MillerWaterford Valley Warriors20000.00000022
216. Myles BedfordMount Pearl Senior High Huskies10000.0000000
217. Shane BlundonMount Pearl Senior High Huskies10000.0000000
218. Sam CurnewMount Pearl Senior High Huskies10000.0000000
219. Cody EngramMount Pearl Senior High Huskies20000.0000000
220. Nathan FlynnMount Pearl Senior High Huskies20000.0000002
221. Cameron FrostMount Pearl Senior High Huskies10000.0000000
222. Joel GreenhamMount Pearl Senior High Huskies10000.0000000
223. Alexander HolleyMount Pearl Senior High Huskies20000.0000000
224. Ryan HurleyMount Pearl Senior High Huskies20000.0000000
225. Mark KennellMount Pearl Senior High Huskies10000.0000000
226. Michael CoxonGander Collegiate Concordes20000.0000000
227. Andrew HuntGander Collegiate Concordes20000.0000000
228. Mason KellyGander Collegiate Concordes20000.0000002
229. Ty MatthewsGander Collegiate Concordes20000.0000000
230. Patrick MccarthyGander Collegiate Concordes20000.0000000
231. Adam MoulandGander Collegiate Concordes10000.0000002
232. Logan MurphyGander Collegiate Concordes20000.0000000
233. Devon NoelGander Collegiate Concordes20000.0000000
234. Andrew ParsonsGander Collegiate Concordes20000.0000000
235. Devon QuintonGander Collegiate Concordes20000.0000000
236. Mathieu TillerGander Collegiate Concordes20000.0000000
237. Phillip WinterGander Collegiate Concordes20000.0000000
238. Michael CahillSt. Kevin`s Mavericks10000.0000000
239. Will BrownGander Collegiate Concordes10000.0000000
240. William SeymourAscension Astros00000.0000000
241. Riley PettenAscension Astros00000.0000000
242. Travis CoadySt. Kevin`s Mavericks00000.0000000
243. Daniel BungaySt. Kevin`s Mavericks00000.0000000
244. Darcy KettlewellSt. Kevin`s Mavericks00000.0000000
245. Aaron BooneAscension Astros00000.0000000
246. Daniel PriddleHoly Spirit Falcons30000.0000000
247. Tristen RoebothamHoly Spirit Falcons30000.0000002
248. Brady OatesAscension Astros10000.0000000
249. Dawson LaundryAscension Astros10000.0000002
250. Ryan JonesAscension Astros10000.0000000
251. Jared EdmundsAscension Astros10000.0000000
252. Ryan GuayHoly Heart Highlanders30000.0000000
253. Brandon FurlongHoly Heart Highlanders30000.0000000
254. Matthew FitzgeraldHoly Heart Highlanders30000.0000000
255. Dawson DurdleHoly Heart Highlanders30000.0000000
256. Riley ButlerHoly Heart Highlanders30000.0000000
257. Jack BensonHoly Heart Highlanders30000.0000000
258. Luke BattenHoly Heart Highlanders30000.0000000
259. Andrew BarronHoly Spirit Falcons30000.0000000
260. Ethan KellyHoly Spirit Falcons10000.0000000
261. Nicholas O'BrienHoly Spirit Falcons20000.0000000
262. Ian PooleHoly Spirit Falcons30000.0000008
263. Hayley BishopCorner Brook High Titans10000.0000000
264. Billy PerrettCorner Brook High Titans10000.0000000
265. Brady MarcheCorner Brook High Titans30000.00000010
266. Riley SimmsCorner Brook High Titans10000.0000004
267. Joshua OldfordExploits Valley High Eagles30000.0000000
268. Brittany KellyExploits Valley High Eagles30000.0000000
269. Evan PeachQueen Elizabeth Pioneers10000.0000004
270. Devin StockleySt. Kevin`s Mavericks20000.0000000
271. Kristopher CondonSt. Kevin`s Mavericks10000.0000000
272. Ryan WalshMount Pearl Senior High Huskies10000.0000000
273. Michael ReidMount Pearl Senior High Huskies10000.0000000
274. Matthew Milley Mount Pearl Senior High Huskies20000.0000002
275. Eric ArdisAscension Astros10000.0000002
276. Alex ClarkeAscension Astros10000.0000000
277. Corey ParsonsAscension Astros10000.0000000
278. Jacob ParsonsAscension Astros10000.0000000
279. Tyler LeeO`Donel Patriots10000.0000000
280. Grace HatcherO`Donel Patriots10000.0000000
281. Daniel EvansO`Donel Patriots10000.0000000
282. Matthew DonnellyO`Donel Patriots10000.0000000
283. Mark CollinsO`Donel Patriots10000.0000000
284. Zachary CoffeyO`Donel Patriots10000.0000000
285. Kyle BrownCorner Brook High Titans10000.0000000
286. Tyler BurtonCorner Brook High Titans10000.0000000
287. Keegan DeeringCorner Brook High Titans20000.0000000
288. Morgan DurnfordCorner Brook High Titans30000.0000002
289. Steven FordCorner Brook High Titans30000.0000000
290. Thomassie GenestCorner Brook High Titans10000.0000000
291. Tristan GeorgeCorner Brook High Titans30000.0000002
292. Ethan SamsonCorner Brook High Titans10000.0000000
293. Bradley SheppardCorner Brook High Titans10000.0000000
294. Benjamin SmithCorner Brook High Titans10000.0000000
295. Brady TaylorCorner Brook High Titans20000.0000002
296. Noah VeitchCorner Brook High Titans30000.0000002
297. Lucas VincentCorner Brook High Titans30000.0000004
298. Adam WardCorner Brook High Titans30000.0000000
299. Matthew TaylorExploits Valley High Eagles30000.0000000
300. Sean RodgersExploits Valley High Eagles30000.0000000
301. Mark RobbinsExploits Valley High Eagles30000.0000000
302. Brian PierceExploits Valley High Eagles30000.0000000
303. Nicholas ParsonsExploits Valley High Eagles30000.0000000
304. Kadon MurrayExploits Valley High Eagles30000.0000000
305. Jacob MooreExploits Valley High Eagles30000.0000000
306. Jacob MercerExploits Valley High Eagles30000.0000008
307. Samuel GardnerExploits Valley High Eagles30000.0000000
308. Jack CameronExploits Valley High Eagles30000.0000000
309. Devon BeasonQueen Elizabeth Pioneers10000.0000000
310. Alexander ButlerQueen Elizabeth Pioneers10000.0000000
311. Aaron ClarkeQueen Elizabeth Pioneers10000.0000000
312. Noah CrewsQueen Elizabeth Pioneers10000.0000000
313. Richard DroverQueen Elizabeth Pioneers10000.0000000
314. Spencer FinlayQueen Elizabeth Pioneers10000.0000000
315. Isaac LundriganQueen Elizabeth Pioneers10000.0000004
316. Morgan MercerQueen Elizabeth Pioneers10000.0000000
317. Josh PrettyQueen Elizabeth Pioneers10000.0000000
318. Keegan ThomsonQueen Elizabeth Pioneers10000.0000000
319. Isaac BuddenSt. Kevin`s Mavericks10000.0000000
320. Michael WeirHoly Spirit Falcons20000.0000000
321. Ian SchiblerHoly Spirit Falcons10000.0000000
322. Reed SpencerMount Pearl Senior High Huskies10000.0000000
323. Dawson O'Toole DidhamMount Pearl Senior High Huskies20000.0000004
324. Jack NoonanMount Pearl Senior High Huskies20000.0000000
325. Ian MacintoshMount Pearl Senior High Huskies10000.0000000
326. Colby LovelessMount Pearl Senior High Huskies10000.0000000
327. Luke ChatmanGonzaga Vikings20000.0000000
328. Sean CoadyGonzaga Vikings10000.0000000
329. Liam BuckinghamGonzaga Vikings20000.0000000
330. Max TavenorO`Donel Patriots30000.0000002
331. Lucas NobleO`Donel Patriots30000.0000004
332. Darcy NolanO`Donel Patriots30000.0000002
333. Ben CollinsO`Donel Patriots30000.0000000
334. Ryan MaherHoly Heart Highlanders30000.0000002
335. Devan ParsonsHoly Heart Highlanders30000.0000000
336. Brandon PowellHoly Heart Highlanders30000.0000000
337. Andrew PowerHoly Heart Highlanders30000.0000000
338. Zackary SnookHoly Heart Highlanders30000.0000004
339. Jack TaylorHoly Heart Highlanders30000.0000006
340. Hunter WhiteHoly Heart Highlanders30000.0000000
341. Noah BradburyHoly Trinity Tigers10000.0000002
342. Nicholas BungayHoly Trinity Tigers20000.0000000
343. Zachary EustaceHoly Trinity Tigers30000.0000002
344. Maxwell BarrettCarbonear Collegiate Sentinels30000.0000000
345. Ethan BrushettCarbonear Collegiate Sentinels30000.0000002
346. Cameron ByrneCarbonear Collegiate Sentinels20000.00000012
347. Jacob ClarkeCarbonear Collegiate Sentinels20000.0000000
348. Reid DeeringCarbonear Collegiate Sentinels30000.0000004
349. Cameron HuntCarbonear Collegiate Sentinels30000.00000010
350. Joshua KennedyCarbonear Collegiate Sentinels20000.0000000
351. Reilly MeadusCarbonear Collegiate Sentinels20000.0000000
352. Denver NeilCarbonear Collegiate Sentinels20000.0000000
353. Joshua NeilCarbonear Collegiate Sentinels20000.00000021
354. Riley PikeCarbonear Collegiate Sentinels20000.0000002
355. Ben TuckCarbonear Collegiate Sentinels30000.0000000
356. Nick AnthonyQueen Elizabeth Pioneers30000.0000000
357. Joshua WhalenCarbonear Collegiate Sentinels20000.0000002
358. Nathan DaweQueen Elizabeth Pioneers30000.0000004
359. Joshua FrenchQueen Elizabeth Pioneers30000.0000000
360. Nolen FaganQueen Elizabeth Pioneers30000.0000004
361. Jordan PettenQueen Elizabeth Pioneers30000.0000002
362. Linden PowerQueen Elizabeth Pioneers30000.0000000
363. Taner WhittyQueen Elizabeth Pioneers30000.0000000