Astros are 2017 Champs

April 9, 2017 The Ascension Astros from Ascension Collegiate in Bay Roberts have won the 2017 Royal Newfoundland Regiment Memorial High School Hockey Tournament and the Beaumont-Hamel Centennial Cup.ย It was highly-contested game: with eight minutes left, the game was still tied 1-1. The Astros scored two quick goals to make it 3-1.ย Then with just 16 seconds left, the Queen Elizabeth (High School) Pioneers from Foxtrap scored, for a final game score of 3-2.ย More than 350 high school students and coaches from Corner Brook, Conception Bay South, Mount Pearl, St. Johnโ€ s, Marystown, Carbonear and Bay Roberts competed in the second annual tournament in Paradise, NL. The week-long tournament honours the bravery and sacrifice of Royal Newfoundland Regiment soldiers during World War 1 โ€“ many of whom also had a strong passion for playing hockey. Several awards commemorating important military campaigns and individual soldiers were also presented by the Regiment before the game today: The TOURNAMENT BUILDER AWARD was presented to Mayor Dan Bobbett on behalf of the Town of Paradise at our opening ceremony on Friday night. This award is named in honour of Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas Nangle, who was the Regimental Padre. Father Nangle was a gifted athlete and organized the first Regimental hockey game in 1917 in the tiny French village of Coisy.ย He was instrumental in the erection of the National War Memorial in St. Johnโ€ s, the Caribou Memorial Park in Beaumont-Hamel, and other parks in France and Belgium marking where Regimental soldiers died during the War. The TEAM SPIRIT AWARD was presented to the Marystown Clippers last night before they departed for home. This award is named in honour of the Battle of Gallipoli in Turkey where the Regiment first fought together and bonded as a fighting unit.ย The esprit de corps the Regimental soldiers developed in Gallipoli held them in good stead throughout World War 1 where they went on to earn the reputation of being Better Than The Best. This award was based on nominations from all teams at the tournament. The LEADERSHIP IN COACHING AWARD is presented to Bill Maher of Holy Heart Highlanders. This award is named in honour of Major Bertram Butler of Topsail who was known as one of the best officers in the Regiment for his leadership qualities. Major Butler won the Distinguished Service Order at Cambrai, won the Military Cross for his actions leading the night raids at Beaumont-Hamel, and received a Bar to his Military Cross for his actions at Guedecourt. He survived the War and returned home to Newfoundland. The EXCELLENCE IN OFFICIATING AWARD is presented to Anthony Sears. This award is named in honour of Lieutenant Walter Greene of Cape Broyle, who was a young Royal Newfoundland Constabulary officer when World War 1 was declared. Lieutenant Green immediately joined the Royal Newfoundland Regiment where he was known for his bravery. He received the Distinguished Conduct Medal for his actions at Caribou Hill in Gallipoli and was killed in action at Marcoing in 1917.ย The MARTIN P KENT AWARD and memorial fund bursary is presented to Eric Power of Marystown Clippers. This award is named in honour of Lance-Corporal Martin P. Kent, a WWI soldier with the Royal Newfoundland Regiment who paid the ultimate sacrifice for answering the call to serve his country.ย Lance-Corporal Kent hailed from Placentia and was just 20 years old when he was killed in action at the Battle of Guedecourt. His body was never recovered. The recipient was selected based on nominations by coaches and high schools for their support to team members, work ethic in school, community service and citizenship. The SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD is presented to Mark Lushmar of Waterford Valley Warriors. This award is named in honour of Captain J. J. Oโ€ Grady of St. Johnโ€ s, who was the Regimental Adjutant for the Training Battalion in St. Johnโ€ s during World War 1. Captain Oโ€ Grady was responsible for all aspects of military drill and physical fitness instruction for Regiment soldiers, and received the Order of the British Empire in 1919 for this work. After the War, he became the fitness instructor for the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary and three schools in St. Johnโ€ s. The TOP GOALIE AWARD is presented to Tyrus Fagan of Queen Elizabeth Pioneers. This award is named in honour of Lieutenant Lionel Dooley who was one of the youngest and most promising officers in the Regiment. Lieutenant Dooley was the goalie for the Regimental hockey team during World War 1 and you can see his picture on the back of the program. He was killed in action in Belgium in 1918.ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย The TOP SCORER AWARD is presented to Noah Donavon of Ascension Astros. This award is named in honour of Lance-Corporal John Shiwak.ย Lance-Corporal Shiwak was a hunter and trapper from Labrador, and became the top sniper in the Regiment where